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Learning the lines

My first introduction to poetry you could say was rather comical. I had a beautifully elegant teacher called Miss Smith, she had a grey-silver bob. She dressed her age in pixie browns and greens, it off-set the colour of her hair



There is a mystery to be solved. A person could have all the intelligence in the world, life experience and the ability to swim in the deep end (metaphorically). Why then is there always one person, every now and again where you cannot fail to appear a complete and utter idiot. If there were a time when I wish I could have eaten my words, it would have been today!


Belated Wish

A very retrospective blog from 2011 given the coverage of Saville’s victim, but it was composed from a more naive time.

It’s a little bit late, and I’m getting a little too old for wishes, but here goes.


Beat me Daddy, eight to the bar

I’d been so busy going from one place to another that any nerves I was going to have about the night hadn’t surfaced, even whilst I travelled on the train to Wales. That was until my friend called me and said, “You have to curtsy to the lady in charge. She’s received an MBE for services to entertainment in Wales”.


Be careful what you wish for

You might just get exactly that.

I wished to sing a full set of jazz songs. Well later this year, I’m going to embrace that opportunity. In January; I went to a lunch time 1940’s concert at the National Concert hall in Dublin.


Age ain’t nothing but a number

Retrospective blog from 2011 For the lucky few at least who never seem to look their age. At the moment, I’m placing myself in that category, although it may just come back to haunt me at some point. When I’m a suitable candidate for ‘ten years younger’, then you can all laugh at me. I can justify it without the use of male flattery, which I enjoy, but don’t take too deeply on board


A whole lot of huggin

I’ve had a lot of opportunities to get up close and personal with an obese woman and trees. Outside of Yoyogi park near Haraku a bunch of people were offering free hugs outside of their free hug hippy bus. Taking the opportunities for all expereinces, I just went for the first person, it’s clearly a British mentality that beggers can’t be choosers. It was a free hug!


The Culture in Oxford

I have perhaps misjudged university towns based on the time I spent living Cambridge some years ago. I found Cambridge to be entirely dull, with the exception of a very clever French man I shared a house with. I was invited to Oxford for the night by a friend to a house party. I was wondering what the rival city would be like, and in my view Oxford beats Cambridge hands down.


French Sophistication

I received a compliment recently at the strangest of times. It may be hard to imagine someone like me being unlady like, but I certainly do not wear heels, stockings and corsets at the gym. Lest for health and safety practices the gym insist upon, as much as the work out would be ineffective.


A Sneaky Peek

OK, I admit I am looking; girls just get away with it better.

My new found tool of the moment is swimming goggles. Although I am no where near Olympic level, I could have done Baywatch for real and my nickname at one stage was ‘fish’. I always used to hate wearing goggles, they get in the way and felt so unnatural; preferring to sport red eyes for hours after. But now as a woman with hormones,


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