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Body Shaming

With so much in the news about body shaming, the media portrays this as a new issue. From my recent and past personal experiences, the only reason the issue has gained new ground is because anyone can tweet about their body, fat, slim, busty, freckly, and trolls are guaranteed to follow due to the anonymous nature of social media.

Women can be quite damning when they should be more supportive of one another. For some time, a throw away comment about my tummy sticking out when I was a child knocked my body confidence until early adulthood. Even so, I have never really been shy about nudity, I have no issues with getting changed in the gym. I take a no-nonsense approach to changing, even more so when I am in a room full of other women. I have a good body, it’s not perfect but it is strong; I am proud of it and amazed at what it can do. I have never comprehended the kind of reservations that women have that causes them to struggle under towels. I know my sister feels this embarrassment, I don’t think I have seen her naked for some years.

Over the years, I have become even more comfortable with my body and whatever flaws I may possess. So, when I recently experienced a rather outrageous encounter with a woman in the changing rooms in a hotel in Dublin, it caused me to reexamine my attitude towards my body. After exiting the shower, I walked over to the locker naked, in front of which there were two women. One of whom was scowling a little; I had no reason to presume that I was the source of her irritation. I continued to change unaware of the contention I was stoking, singing along to the radio in the background, and most probably dancing a little to the music. Then one of the ladies approached me and castigated me for my nudity. She told I should use the individual changing rooms because my behaviour, my nudity was disgusting. At first, I was rather taken aback, and simply highlighted that we were all women in the changing room, to which she repeated her first statement. I sharply thanked her and continued moisturising all the same. The outcome of the review only made me more defiant to be my natural self, even adore my body because I will only ever possess one in this lifetime.

On a side note, I pity the recently elected Irish Prime minister, while it is eventful that he is the first openly gay Irish Prime minister, I am certain he will struggle to alter some of the country’s policies given the conservative views of a small factions of the Irish population.


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