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There’s a couple of issues that irk me about mobile phone use. One of my pet hates is individuals taking pictures of their food. As a child, I was taught never to play with my food, I fail to see how taking pictures of food is any different. I used to think this behaviour was restricted to young Chinese nationals on holiday, but it seems to be more pervasive.

Think about how many Twitter and Facebook feeds are full of pictures of food and drink? I understand that an aspect of this is celebratory, but on the flip side it is just rude. It entails ignoring your companions while taking pictures, and because Wi-Fi is provided in most restaurants, the pictures are often uploaded onto feeds straight away. Ultimately, it is living life through a lens, it desensitises the real joy and pleasure of the activity at hand.

Last year I went on holiday with a friend who was clearly addicted to taking snaps, filling social media feeds and writing constant reviews. Whereas, I sold SLR digital camera a few years ago because I noticed I was not using it enough to justify owning it. Of course, mobile phones have advanced and there’s no need for a SLR for the average holiday shot. Even so, I rarely take out my phone even for holiday pictures because I want to experience the event first hand. So, when my friend took a picture of MY FOOD, a simple bowl of seafood soup for review purposes, that’s when I simply had to rebel against technology at the dinner table.

I also ask is this eroding romance? If both diners are tweeting about what they are eating, as opposed to enjoying their meal together, how is that romantic interaction? I feel dismayed when I see restaurants full of couples searching the internet rather than talking to each other. Hence, what baffles me even more is escort twitter feeds full of snaps from exclusive and expensive restaurants they have been taken to by clients. It hardly constitutes the kind of lively or seductive conversation that should take place on a dinner date. When I go out, no matter who the other party is, including female friends, my phone is firmly tucked away. I much prefer the art of face-to-face conversation and not to live life through a lens.


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