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Retrospective blog from 2008 The last few weeks I think I have spent far too long on trains, the problem being, is that I have seen the view out of the window many times. Hence, in the last journal I thought of something better to spend my time on.

My suitcase has seen a lot of opening and closing, whilst I move about most days. Then each time I get home, I have the task of packing it again. This tends to take hours, choosing which pairs of stockings and suspender to take is often the biggest challenge. Then, which piece of underwear do you choose to leave behind. For this reason, I am glad I am taking a trip to Austria. For another reason, the view out of the window will be unfamiliar and interesting. I may also bump into these stalking reporters, but hopefully I have just missed them and they have said their piece for now.

The last week has been a lovely exercise in seeing how polite men can be when things go completely wrong for me. Checking into my place in Manchester was quite a task and not quite as expected, and I guess the person in question, learned an awful about me, thank God for the fact that I did not completely lose my cool whilst dealing with the situation. Generally I am not very patient, but I learned after buying a house to give up on impatience when you need workmen around. The best things always make you wait, just like the best fantasies always make you wait.

I also learned a little more about myself that week, that I seem to have some intuition about fate, which at least stops me from being upset when fate works its mishaps. The details I cannot express, but amazingly, another display of politeness, when considering the circumstances, it would only be fair to state, that I should be the last thing the person should be concerned with. Ok, I do not like fate very much at the moment, but I am appreciating the way some gentlemen handle themselves.

With that, some of the few activities I had planned might be reconsidered. I think I will play it safe in Austria with the Sound of Music tour. I am sure I can be a nice girl for one day and make the grannies adore me.


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